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Our philosophy at Yolo Land & Cattle Co. has always been "Take care of the Land, and the Land will take care of you." It is a philosophy we incorporate into all management decisions on our own ranches, as well as those we lease. Our goal is to leave the properties we manage in better condition than when we started as caretakers. The ranching business is dynamic and economically challenging, yet we believe that sound stewardship and regard for our impacts on the environment are critical for a viable future.

For many years, the working landscape of our ranch has been dramatically transformed, through the efforts of Scott Stone, our family visionary. In order to complete the numerous restoration projects on the ranch, we have developed close partnerships with multiple government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, and private entities. With the help of these partners and allies, we constantly strive to improve our rangeland ecosystem, while producing a healthy product in an economically, yet environmentally sustainable manner.

As we evaluate new projects for our ranches, we examine several key components to determine if the benefits coincide with our goals and objectives:

  • Will the project benefit the watershed, increase the wildlife density/variety, or improve forage conditions?
  • Is there a public education benefit to the project?
  • Can any research data be utilized to further benefit the cattle industry and working landscapes?
  • Will the result enhance the long-term economic viability of the operation?
  • Which partners can we involve?

Example - Perkins Pond Project:


Step 1a. Excavate decades of old silt to deepen pond and increase storage capacity.

solar pump

Step 1b. Install solar pump to pump stock water to a remote tank & plant native grasses and trees.

students reestablish native vegetation

Step 2. Re-Establish Native Perennial Vegetation. Student Volunteers Place Protective Cages Around New Plants.

goose platform

Step 3. Install Goose Nesting Platform.

Perkins Pond

Step 4. Watch Nature Flourish. This wildlife enhancement project was implemented by: Yolo Land and Cattle Co., Audubon California, and Farms Leadership Inc. with funding provided by State of California Wildlife Conservation Board and Calfed Bay-Delta Program.

goose nesting & goslings

The First Goslings Enjoy our Restored Habitat.


Our greatest reward for these efforts is the increase in wildlife that frequents the ranch. When we see a muddy pond bank crowded with 14 Western Pond Turtles, (a species of concern to state and federal agencies), or a Canada goose hustling her yellow goslings into a protective clump of cattails, it tells us that we’re on the right track.

deer heron

hawk turkeys

Conservation work done on the ranch enabled us to earn the 2007 National Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

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