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Commando Bee Starthistle Honey

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commando bee honey

Made from Yellow Starthistle in northern California

Temporarily Out of Stock.

Purchase Commando Bee Starthistle Honey.

On a remote cattle ranch in Yolo County, California, an elite group of highly trained combat bees risk life and wing to extract the finest honey available from the formidable Yellow Starthistle Plant. Many lesser bees have fallen prey to this plant’s hostile, spiny flowers. Now, dedicated insects like Sgt. Stinger & his “Pollen Posse” (Rambuzz, Buzzcut, and Queenie) have made it possible for you to enjoy the premium taste of this specialized starthistle honey!

Yellow Starthistle is one of the most invasive weeds in California. Poisonous to horses, its nasty spines also form thick patches that crowd out beneficial plants, and prevent cattle from grazing. "A positive quality of yellow starthistle is that bees produce flavorful, high quality honey when they forage on yellow starthistle." (Yellow starthistle - University of California IPM)

Availability of this unique starthistle honey is limited, however, because in dry years, the flowering capability of the starthistle plants is reduced. Only in the wettest springs do we have ideal conditions for growth of Yellow Starthistle.

Buy Commando Bee Starthistle Honey via mail order or through local stores, such as Nugget Market. We sell it by the jar, or in a 10 count case.

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Blue Ridge Bay Leaves

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bay leaves jar
bay leaves label

Purchase Blue Ridge Bay Leaves.

We once again proudly offer Blue Ridge Bay Leaves. Perfect for extreme cooking enthusiasts, our leaves are hand-picked from California Bay Laurel trees which grow naturally at the higher elevations on our ranch. After harvesting, the leaves are sorted for uniformity and vacuum dehydrated through a proprietary process which preserves their freshness. Many bay leaves on the market originate from Turkey, but nothing compares to the boldness and aroma of California's trees. These leaves make an excellent addition to soups, stews, sauces, marinades, chowders, pot roasts, steamed fish, or vegetables, and are the perfect compliment to Yolo Land & Cattle Co. grass finished beef.

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Mugs - Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

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YLCC mugs

Purchase YLCC Mugs.

Now available once again! Start your day off with a real-sized cup o' Joe. These hefty 12 oz. western ceramic mugs are built for manly hands, or bovines without opposable thumbs. We haven't had these in stock for many years, but after repeated requests, we had to bring them back. Custom made for us by a unique western saddle shop in southern California, they feature brands used by many of our neighbors in Yolo County. They make great gifts for your friends and family members. Order two or more to keep family members from stealing yours, and receive a discount.

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Hats - Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

YLCC hat

Purchase YLCC Hats.

The best cure for baldness! Our attractive 5-panel hats look great on the farm, at the ballgame, or even at redneck weddings. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these fully adjustable hats feature a sturdy bill that holds up to dishwasher cleaning. "One size fits all." Order two or more and receive a discount.

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