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US Beef Ambassadors tour 28sept2012

Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

Tour of our Black Angus Cattle Ranch

Black Angus bulls
Most of our cows were away on summer pasture, but the bulls were here grazing their home turf.

The US Beef Ambassadors tour group was comprised of student competitors from across the US, their parents, and beef industry representatives. Every year at a different state in the US, the American National Cattlewomen, and the National Beef Checkoff program sponsor a competition for students aged 17 to 20 years to earn a spot on the National Beef Ambassador Program. The five winners who are selected will receive scholarships and will tour the US promoting the beef industry. This year, the competition was held in Sacramento, California. We were honored to be chosen as a tour location for these distinguished youngsters.

We ride horses to manage the cattle on the hilly parts of the ranch.

visitors exiting their bus

While we enjoy hosting many types of visitors on the ranch, we particularly like beef industry groups, especially youth groups. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. With so much negative press about animal agriculture these days, it gives us hope that there will be a future generation willing to pursue careers in this challenging field. We also enjoy exchanging ideas with producers from other states. It's amazing how much we all have in common when it comes to ranching.

Casey describes construction of watering pond
Casey Stone described conservation work done at the Perkins Pond Project.


Our ranch was the 2007 National Environmental Stewardship Award winner.

Casey speaks to tour group on the bus
Casey described features of the ranch as the bus went from place to place.

Practice Roping

roping practice

roping practice

Grassfed Beef Hamburger Barbecue

Many of our national visitors come from traditional grain-fed cattle operations, so the grass-fed, grass-finished beef that we produce may not be something they're accustomed to. We explained how we decided to pursue this grassfed beef market, and then we gave them a taste of our grassfed beef barbecued to perfection. Our goal was not to convert them, but to demonstrate that there are other alternatives out there for consumers. At the very least, they all seemed to enjoy the meal, and no one left our ranch feeling hungry!!

grassfed beef hamburger barbecue
John barbecued the grassfed beef hamburgers.

Angela & Casey serving lunch to tour group
Angela & Casey Stone served lunch to all.

tour group eating lunch in the shade
The group ate lunch in the shade of the big trees at the ranch headquarters.

our brands of beef jerky and honey
We also produce our own brands of beef jerky and honey.

tour bus leaving the ranch
We hope you all enjoyed your visit to our ranch !!

*** We are a working cattle ranch, so all groups must submit the Request for Proposal Form or phone (530-662-4093) in advance to schedule group tours.

We’ll see you out at the ranch!!!

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