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100% Natural Grassfed Beef from Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

Purchase cuts of grass-fed beef from Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

Filet Mignon 
Our decadent, tender filet mignon is cut into 2" thick filets.
Rib Eye Steak 
Our amazingly crafted and beautifully marbled rib eye steak is truly for the passionate beef eater. Our rib eyes are large in size, bone-in and 1 1/4" thick.

New York Steak 
Rich in flavor, our succulent New York is cut into 1 1/4" thick, and can be enjoyed throughout the year on the BBQ or pan seared! We enjoy New York steaks throughout the year grilled or pan seared.
Top Sirloin Steak 
Our closely trimmed top sirloin is 1" thick, and is lean but tender with a pleasant, clean flavor.
Sirloin Tip Steak (Carne Asada thinly sliced)
This is another versatile cut that can be marinated for tacos, burritos or sliced thin for all types of stir-fry.
Skirt Steak
This is excellent for marinating, and grilling. It can be a main dish or diced to accompany other dishes.
Stew or Dog Bones
Our stew bones are full of nutrient rich marrow that our customers tell us makes a wonderful, nutritious broth or great chew toy for Rover. The bones are cut into 4" long pieces to make them easier to handle.
Flat Iron Steak
This popular cut of beef is 1" thick, beautifully marbled, tender, and juicy.
Flank Steak
This fabulous cut of meat has a hearty beef flavor and beautiful marbling. The Flank steak is a long, flat cut of meat that comes from the flank area. We love to marinade flank steak in a teriyaki sauce and grill.
Tri-Tip Steak
Most people do not know that there are only two tri-tips per animal. Our Tri-tip is well marbled, tender and a pleasure to eat! Tri-tip is excellent year around. Our family loves tri-tip sandwich during the winter months.
Rancher Steaks (Arm or Chuck Steaks)
Our Rancher steaks are lean and full of flavor!  My favorite way to cook these steaks is to saute onions & garlic, sear steak quickly in onion mixture, add your favorite marinade into the pan, turn off the fire and let steaks sit in marinade for a few minutes.  Your family will love this wonderful, healthy and quick meal!
Chuck Roast
Our chuck roast is robust in flavor! Our Great Aunt Olive's recipe can make the worst cook look like a gourmet chef! The Chuck roast is sold bone-in or boneless.
Our brisket has incredible pronounced beef flavor. Excellent smoked or cooked as a pot roast in the oven. Brisket needs to cook for 7-10 hours for optimum tenderness... in other words, "low and slow."
London Broil
The London Broil is another versatile cut. A favorite way to cook a London broil is to slice off 1.5" thick pieces and sear each piece in a pan with olive oil and beef flavor spices. The London broil is also excellent marinated and grilled.
Short Ribs
Our short ribs are tender and beefy. We enjoy braised short ribs all year around. A conventional beef recipe temperature and cook time works best for grass-fed short ribs.
Stew Meat
Our stew meat is hearty and plentiful in many different types of recipes. When Stew Meat is cooked over a long period it will melt in your mouth!
Hamburger Patties
Our lean beef patties are another sellout favorite with our customers! Our tasty patties have a deep rich beef flavor and make the perfect burger!

Ground Beef
Our ground beef makes a delicious meal in tacos, meat loaf, stroganoff, and tamale pie. It is 15% fat to 85% lean.
Organ Meats
Organ meats are a favorite with our customers! Try our healthy organ meat!

Meaty Beef Shanks
Our beef shanks are loaded with lean meat wrapped around a bone full of nutritious, healthy marrow.

Purchase cuts of grass-fed beef from Yolo Land & Cattle Co.

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