Processing our Grassfed Beef

Processing & Packaging:
Our beef is harvested, cut and wrapped in a local USDA-inspected facility. We pay the extra cost to have each carcass tested for E-Coli prior to processing to make every effort to supply our customers with a safe, healthy product. After harvest, our beef is dry-aged for approximately 14 days to achieve the best tenderness possible. The meat is then cut and wrapped into individual packages and vacuum packaged so the meat is visible, and quickly frozen to maintain the best quality and freshness.

Dry Aging
Our beef is dry aged for approximately 14 days in a temperature controlled cooler to achieve the best tenderness possible. Dry aged beef is a delicacy and is not found in grocery stores or in most restaurants. Dry aged beef is costly because it requires time to age the beef, and some meat is lost due to shrinkage from the aging. Some say dry aging beef is compared to aged wine: The flavors enhance, deepen and mellow over time. Dry aged beef is darker in color with a wonderful rich aroma and taste.

Wrapping & Freezing
After cutting and wrapping the meat is then placed in a freezer (below freezing) to quickly freeze the beef to maintain the best quality and freshness. The vacuum packaging allows the meat to stay fresh for at least six months to one year in a freezer. If the vacuum seal breaks, the meat should be consumed quickly or the moisture will cause the meat to freezer burn.

It is very important to keep meat cold while thawing. We have found the best way to thaw grass-fed beef is to put it in the refrigerator overnight. If you forget to take it out of the freezer - as I often do - and would like to cook your beef the same day, here is a simple tip: leave the beef in the package, place the package of beef into a zip lock baggy in your sink filled with enough luke warm water to cover the meat. The meat should defrost this way in about 30 minutes depending on the size of the cuts. Grass-fed beef thaws much quicker than conventional meat. We do not recommend defrosting meat in a microwave!

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